Jenna Went from Doubt into Action in One Call

How it Works

Your Cut the Chaos Coaching Session is for high achieving, conscious leaders, coaches, consultants, creatives, healers, advisors, and professionals.

On the call, you will:

  • Assess where you are now in your life and energy management
  • Clarify your vision of where you're headed or what is most aligned
  • Create your next high impact actions to get you there

On the call, you'll let me know what you want coaching on right away so we can get to work on clarifying, distilling, and determining what will help you transform to where you are headed.

For some that's determining your best use of time and energy than creating a list of your most high impact actions to take after the call. For others, it's doing an exercise to unblock yourself and experience a shift so you are liberated. For others, we go over your website or practice a sales conversation and I give direct feedback of where to improve.

My job is to pinpoint what area to shift that will make the biggest difference right now, cut through the clutter, and ask you the right questions so you have clarity and direction.

After 30-45 minutes, if there's a fit, I'll share what I offer and how that works. At the end you can decide if you'd like to be part of that or not.

If it's not a fit, you'll still get tons of value and leave inspired, replenished, clear, and ready to take action!


First session: $250 for a 45-60 minute session by zoom

If you end up wanting to work together further, I'll waive the first session fee.

Anna's Energy Coaching Rates:

$297/month* for one 30 minute coaching call + list of action steps

$555/month* for one 60 minute coaching call + list of action steps

If you pay upfront, you get 6 sessions for the price of 5 for either a 30 or 60 minute call.

We also have our team members who specialize in various areas at the following rates. On your initial call, we will determine your needs and the best coach for you.

Conscious Business Coaching

Matthew Koren, Zoom or in Person (who lives in Florida)

$297/hour bi-weekly for 6 sessions or

$297/hour weekly for 12 sessions

Minimum 3 month agreement

Emotional Self Mastery

Master Danielle, Zoom or in person (who lives in Seattle)

$197 per thirty minute call

$297 per sixty minute call

No minimum agreement, A la Carte Sessions

Energy Healing and/or Private Yoga Session

Master Diep, Zoom (or in person at Wedgewood Center in Seattle)

$97 per thirty minute call, $197 per sixty minute call

No minimum agreement, A la Carte Sessions

*These terms are subject to change

Next Steps

1. Book a coaching session time below.

2. Complete a survey application.

3. Make a list of coaching questions to prepare for the call.

Our client results speak for themselves. All real people and no one got paid to give a review!

Check out our 50+ 5 Star Google Reviews here.

Miss Indigo Blue Went from Lost to Gaining Confidence in Herself Again

“Anna is so quick and intuitive about what is realistically achievable for me as an entrepreneur.

She’s been able to pivot completely based on my capacities and priorities and make adjustments in the assignments she gives me to so I can be more successful."

-Miss Indigo Blue, Academy of Burlesque

Karen Went from Frustration to Clarity

“After an hour with Anna, listening of what I was doing and not doing--Anna got to the core crux of the issue.

It was astonishing to me...finding the missing link holding me back from doing everything else I needed to do.

For me to have that kind of insight is really important in getting my vision out into the world...

-Karen King, Karen King Consulting

Meet Anna

My job on our first call is to cause a transformation. Yes, we'll get to know each other, see if we resonate, but I'm mostly listening for how I can help you cut through the BS and pinpoint exactly what's in your way. Tall order and I deliver 90% of the time.

I got burned out in my first six figure business as a socially responsible financial advisor and second business in creative event consulting in the tech industry.

It wasn't until I energetically aligned my vision, values, model, and offering that I was able to slow down and find balance in being true to myself as both an entrepreneur and homeschool teacher for my 9 year old son.

Anna Choi Business Coach headshot

I WILL NOT teach you another formula that works for me but won't for you.

After investing well over 50K in coaching programs of seeing what worked and what didn't, I listen and ask you the right questions to help you find your most aligned path with your soul using timeless, universal principles.

I'm looking for helping you get long term results that are sustainable.

I'm here for what I hope will become a long term relationship for you to gain mastery versus a one off transactional "date" for a quick fix or result.

The pandemic sucked emotionally for most folks with way more decision fatigue in not being able to connect with other human beings...normally.

In the face of massive upheaval, the sixty or so clients I typically serve per year had beautiful transformations.

They transitioned from relationships that no longer were in alignment, took the leap of retiring from their jobs to what was next, had their best revenue year yet during Covid, stayed center despite a chaotic situation, or found the confidence to feel like themselves again.

I'd love to help you do the same.

Let's connect. This is like dating. So let's just see if we jive well. That's the primary purpose of why an initial coaching session is required before doing any work with me.

I won't just take your money if I don't sense long term compatibility--I want to make sure there's long term chemistry. :D

Alright, Let's Do This.

Karina Miller headshot-Anna Choi Business Energy Coach

"I reached every single goal...!"

- Karina Miller, HR Consultant

Nancy Bos Headshot Anna Sun Choi Energy Coaching

"Empowered me so much in my life! I am less stressed and more sure footed..."

- Nancy Bos, Founder of Bos Media Studios

Bradley Franco Anna Sun Choi Energy Coaching

"Greatly impacted my life in one phone call."

- Bradley Franco, Creative Director