How it Works

Your Cut the Chaos Consult is a one hour zoom call for conscious entrepreneurs, edupreneurs, and business leaders.

On your call, I'll help you

  • Assess where you are now in your energy level
  • Pinpoint sources of energy leaks in your business
  • Clarify your vision of where you are headed
  • Create your next 1-3 high impact inspired actions to progress towards your vision


Initial consult is $250 and includes 30 minutes of 1:1 coaching plus 15-30 minutes of Q&A on whether it's a mutual fit to work together 

1:1 coaching calls thereafter are $550 and include: 
-60 minute zoom session
-Zoom recording 
-Email of call notes and next actions 
-Email check in of next actions and progress update 2-4 weeks following initial call 

Next Steps

1. Book a consult time below.

2. After you book a time, you'll fill out a quick survey to maximize our time together

3. Before the call, inquire into everything you'd like coaching on

4. On the call, I'll ask you lots of questions and help provide clarity and direction on the areas you wanted coaching on. If there's a fit, I'll share what I offer and how that works. At the end you can decide if you'd like to be part of that or not. If there's not, you'll still get tons of value even after 1 call! Our client results speak for themselves below.

No matter what, you'll leave inspired, replenished, clear, and ready to take action!

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A Priceless Experience!

Melissa Kelii Business Coach Anna Sun Choi

"First I must say, Anna’s coaching style is the most organized, honest and positive, I have ever experienced.

She comes to her work with a purpose to help her clients discover their best self and leverage that energy to boost revenue for their business!

When I first met Anna, I was lost as a “successful” multi-million dollar business owner and unclear about my desire to even continue making the business I had worked so hard to build over the last 10 years.

Her compassionate heart and gift of communication helped me shed my past stories and re-engage with the purpose of why I do what I do. And I generated over $45K in contract work during our 10 weeks of work together.

Thank you Anna for reminding me of my confidence, my gifts and igniting my energy to market my soul work! A priceless experience!"

--Melissa Hall Kelii, TGB Architects,

More Aligned with Higher Purpose

"Anna is great at tuning into you and getting at the essence of what you are there for and how to propel you into a track that more aligned with your highest purpose.

And she always delivers more than expected!"

-William Wolford

Bill Wolford Headshot - Business Coaching Anna Sun Choi

Meet Anna

I'm Anna, Conscious Business Coach helping conscious entrepreneurs and business leaders focus their energy, leverage their yin within, and find peace amid chaos.

I still remember the day I sold my first socially responsible financial planning business. As a broke art major with zero connections, experience, or money, I had built the business from scratch, tripling my net income in two years, grossing six figures by age 25. But I was ... 

I can help you generate more clients in your business!
  • Exhausted working 80 hours per week
  • Scattered in my marketing approach, with no idea which marketing methods worked best
  • Had zero relaxation time, not to mention much of a social or personal life
  • Was in constant catch-up mode, trying to tackle the endless to-do list with no end in sight in sight...
  • Had a bunch of small clients that were eating up lots of time demanding way more than my highest level clients  
  • I looked very successful on the outside, but inside I was empty. Not just physically, but spiritually.  

I was already burned out in my early twenties!!

I realized I had gone as far as I could with what I knew, and needed guidance, support, and accountability for my life and my business, holistically.  

I deep dove ino personal and professional development. At a national conference, I came across performance business coaches and invested in a coach on the spot.  

In one conversation, my coach understood my whole world, grounded me, and guided me each month in creating inner peace day to day. I started to manage my well-being, began to travel, and discover my sources for happiness--while still performing in my business.  

Then, I went all-in and hired a team of coaches for marketing, sales, life, and spirituality. And that’s when everything changed.  

Now surrounding myself with a community of coaches who listened to me as my greatest version of who I wanted to become. I . . .

  • Transitioned my practice from 200 to 15 clients retaining the same level of passive income
  • Traveled internationally on vacation once a year
  • Worked 35 hours week generating the same level of income
  • Appeared in the media on radio shows, quoted in a national wealth magazine
  • Hired my first employee as a virtual assistant
  • Was awarded "Emerging Leader" by an international foundation for WA state  

However, despite loving my clients, the financial service industry was not a fit. I sold my business to another trusted advisor.

I went on sabbatical to discover my next chapter and start a family. I thought my dream was to become a full time stay at home mom.

During that time, I focused on happiness first, money second. In figuring out my future, I founded TEDxBellevue, traveled, and we bought our first home. Passionate to empower the next generation of global leaders, I published a children's book and even tried to start a pre-school.

I felt happy, but it wasn't enough to survive living off my husband's landscaping foreman job of $35K/year.

In fact we were on food stamps.

I had to work 6 weeks after my birth just so we could make ends meet doing odd jobs as a customer service rep, being a children's tutor, and doing side coaching for leadership.

And after 2 years living as a low income family, we started racking up debt.

By the time my son was 2 years old, I was clear being a stay at hom mom was not the dream. I wanted to get back to work full time. My husband quit his full time landscaping job to be a full time stay at home dad.

As the sole breadwinner (now with a house, spouse, and kid to support), I started my second business JoySprout Productions, an event consultancy for social impact. We didn't make enough in 6 months, and racking up more debt, I finally hunted for full time contracts (aka--a JOB).

In the meantime, I had organized over 400+ social impact events, completed over 6,920 hours of coaching and personal growth, training and development, and eventually landed the dream job for a non-profit the WA Technology Industry Association running events for tech giants like Google and lots of other tech startups for $7K/month.

Looked great on the outside working 35 hours/week, getting massages weekly, and great perks. But the work was high intense pressure with no room for failure.

I found myself burned out again in my mid-30's.

Plus this time, I got spiritually depleted. I just didn't care about the mission of filling the tech talent gap. I was more interested in creating transformative experiences for the change makers of the world.

Thus, I started my current conscious business coaching practice.

I have become a master in generating clients and beating my revenue goals year over year.

I kept testing how much time could I take off and still gross six-figures. I reached my record last year taking 9 weeks off for pure vacation, traveling the world to continue deepening my energy mastery in meditation, yoga, and taekwondo.

However, the immense time traveling (even if for pleasure) was stressful so that the other weeks I was home, was working late night hours. I realized:

I was on the road to burnout again in my early 40's!

What I've discovered it that it's not about creating time freedom. Everyone has 24 hours in a day. It's about energy management. It's about being present and in a sustainable flow or rhythm that could nourish all I want to create in life.

For the first time in my life, I've created a sustainable lifestyle of energy flow that's abundant allowing me the experience of all the time in the world holistically accounting for each area of life that matters to me in life, while still being on track to be "retired" or financially free by 2030.

Now, I'm revealing all the energy practices I've been practicing and integrating into life with clients and they LOVE IT, experiencing results after just one session with me. Many continue working because the results speak for themselves.

Now you can get to access to these simple ways to focus your energy in your first session with me.

I've invested $51,750 to date to truly align my body, mind, heart, and soul in hiring the best business coaches and online business coaching programs.

I've distilled all that experience into the ALIVE principles so you WILL learn to fail fast to learn from with a trusted guide who can help you transcend your failures into into gold.

These are the exact same strategies and best practices that's helped my clients finally experience peace of mind in the face of success, triple net incomes like Bill, or completely pivot to a new business model and offering like Melissa in a short period of time!

YOU have the opportunity to quickly and easily focus on taking actions guided by intuition on what now works in this climate -- helping you transcend the pitfalls and mistakes you'll make, so you can profit being at peace, grounded in who you are.

Achieved clarity and focus!

“Anna is so quick and intuitive about what is realistically achievable for me as an entrepreneur.

She’s been able to pivot completely based on my capacities and priorities and make adjustments in the assignments she gives me to so I can be more successful."

-Amelia Ross-Gilson, aka "Miss Indigo Blue", Academy of Burlesque

Alright, Let's Do This.