Have you ever felt this way? 

You are stuck in the hustle & grind -- you are working harder and longer to keep up, exhausted each day, not paying yourself enough, and can't stop thinking about work when you want to relax or hang out with your family

You're unclear what to prioritize each day -- you are unclear of where to best spend your time looking for how to attract clients in less time

You have a hard time saying no and don't know how to filter out which opportunities to say yes or no to or what to best spend your time and energy on

You are chasing clients instead of attracting them -- you are spinning your wheels not knowing what's working or what is your best marketing strategy

You find yourself asking

"Where do I best invest my time and energy to grow my business?"  

"How do I attract higher quality customers?"

"How do I streamline, systemize, and organize myself more effectively?" 

You can accelerate making more money in less time, through our proven, step by step, 6 module Conscious Business Accelerator 

  • Accelerate your business growth by transforming your mindset and systems to scale quickly
  • Attract more raving clients who can't shut up about the difference you make impacting one-to-many 
  • Leverage your genius, time, and expertise instead of chasing after clients, one by one, with endless follow-up that doesn't convert quickly into clients
  • Share your message in a way that reaches the hearts of whom you are meant to serve and converts strangers to customers easily & naturally
  • Be part of a community of like-minded, go getting conscious entreprenuers who are part of a greater movement to use business as a force for good  

I met every single business goal!

Karina Miller

"I've worked with Anna off and on for many years and have immense trust and respect for her wisdom and commitment. She's coached me to be focused, accountable, courageous, clear, and strategic about my business goals and action plans, which has enabled me to meet and exceed my revenue goals. I enjoy both working with her, and the tremendous results I'm able to produce in short periods of time!"  

Karina Miller, HR and Team Management Consultant

What You Will Learn: 6 Steps to Attract Clients Now

The Conscious Business Accelerator is a 6 module group coaching and online training for a community of conscious entrepreneurs, mission-driven microbusinesses, and changemaker solopreneurs to attract clients, leverage their genius, and scale their impact while contributing to a new normal economy based on the quadruple bottom line of people, planet, profit, and presence.  

When we work together I walk you through a 6 module, proven, step by step system based on the acronym ENERGY: Experience, Network, Execution, Roadmap, Guide, Your Story. 

Module 1: Experience

What is your brand experience? First, create a clear picture of the future you are creating to guide your actions today. Energetically align your vision, mission, and values with your target market and signature offering. 

  • Discover your Why: Vision, Mission, Values, Purpose
  • Discover your Genius & Wealth Spectrum Level
  • BONUS: Profit Meets Purpose: How to Bake Purpose into your Business DNA 
  • BONUS: Honing your Target Market and Signature Offering: Whom You Serve & How You Help Them

Module 2: Network

Analyze and leverage your social capital based on how people naturally contribute.  

  • How to Transform your Network into a Tribe: The 6 Faces of Contribution
  • BONUS: How to Make Fast Cash through Direct Outreach: Your Top 30 How Strategic Alliances and Top 100 Prospects

Module 3: Execution

There's over 20 different ways you can market your business and bring in more ideal clients. We're going to identify the top 2 marketing strategies that are the sweet spot among your strengths, resources, and market needs.

  • Mastering Focus: What are Your Top 2 Marketing Strategies? 
  • BONUS: How to Map Your Customer Pathway

Module 4: Road Map

Identify your key performance indicators to measure what matters. Translate your vision into goals and weekly actions to know how to best prioritize and organize your time and energy. 

  • Know Your Numbers to Profit Now: What are your Key Performance Indicators? 
  • How to Design Your Strategic Marketing Plan: From Vision to Weekly Actions

Module 5: Guide

Create your structures for success. How do you set up your environment, habits, and morning rituals to stay "in flow" energized, confident, and clear on what revenue generating actions to take?

  • Structure Your Calendar for Success: Your Mojo Checklist
  • BONUS: 3 Secrets to Sucess to Stay in Flow

Module 6: Your Story

Share your story that will resonate in the hearts of your clients--pinpointing your customer's pains and desires that has them hungry to buy now. 

  • How to Reach the Hearts of your Clients: Market Research 
  • Your Why: Signature Stories that Sell

How it Works and What You'll Receive 

  • 24/7 On Demand, Lifetime Access to a proven, step-by-step ENERGY marketing system training, updated annually for free (includes 6 modules of video content, exercises, and worksheets)
  • Fill-in-the-blank Templates, Checklists, Sample Materials, Tools, Scripts, and Resources in an all-in-one ENERGY workbook
  • Weekly group coaching calls for 75 minutes, led by Anna, using Zoom video conferencing. Includes elements such as accountability, Q&A on training, and small group breakouts
  • Community connection and support inside a facilitated Facebook group of like-minded conscious entrepreneurs invested in the program
  • Access to online coaching support via our private Facebook group to get real time feedback on your copy, marketing materials, funnel, niche, and flagship offering reviewed by her coaching team


  • 2 Private 1:1, 30 minute coaching calls with Anna to use during the program ($1000)
  • Weekly Q&A coaching calls to get your specific questions answered! (value $2000)
  • Lifetime access to our private exclusive Facebook Community to stay connected with other like-minded, mission driven entrepreneuers who are out to make more money while making a difference in the world and living their dream lifestyle. (value is priceless!)  

4 new referral sources and 2 new clients!

Before the Client Accelerator Program, I was a little frustrated that what I had been doing before to get clients or referrals wasn't always working. In the program, I realized when I started reviewing my system, it was more the wording and delivery than anything. Now, just by rearranging what I was saying and talking about pain points in my script, I have gained 4 new referral sources and 2 new clients gathering over 1.2 million in assets under management! 

--Karen Koenig, Financial Advisor and Author of Women on Top 

Imagine if your life could look like this ... 

  • You have a system to generate consistent, qualiy leads that turn into customers
  • You are saving money for future financial freedom , visiting family, and traveling as much as you want! 
  • You are or almost debt free and able to fully fund your philanthropic goals
  • You experience peace and JOY day to day, and feel more relaxed with more time off!

Ready to get started? 

Our next group coaching and online training accelerator begins Jan 13 - Mar 2.

To ensure each entrepreneur is a good fit for our student cohort, apply for your free 1:1 Stratey Session with Anna by clicking the button below. 

On your Strategy Session, I’ll help you get crystal clear on where you’re currently at with your business and where you’re headed.

We’ll identify blocks that are magnifying your fear and self-doubt to accomplish your vision.  

Then we’ll identify at least 1 action to take to bridge that gap. 

Grab your spot for a Strategy Session now. After you book a time, keep clicking continue to access the 10 minute survey that’ll help maximize our call time together. 

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$0 to $100,000 in 3 months

"3x I tried starting my own business, but wasn't getting the results I wanted. Then I met Anna. After coaching with Anna, I re-examined my goals and set them appropriate to the outcomes I was trying to achieve clarifying whic tactics I would spend my time focusing on. In the first 3 months of coaching with Anna, I secured over $100,000 in contract work and quit my 9-5 job. Now in my second year working with Anna, I was able to average generating $30K in revenue each month." 

- Chris Anibarro, Impact Consultancy

Tripled my monthly income!

"Anna Choi is hands down the best business coach that I have worked with (and still am!). She will bust through your obstacles, resistance and insecurities around your business and your life and put you on the success fast track. Very intuitive and compassionate with tons of experience and knowledge, herself being a successful entrepreneur at a young age and then studied courses in leadership and prospecting and with that invaluable knowledge she passes it on to you. 5 stars really are not enough. If you are a struggling entreprenuer then you'd be lucky to find Anna to work with you." 

- Bill Wolford, Vividtech SEO

100% Satisfaction or Money-Back Guarantee 

We are 100% committed to giving you the training, strategies, resources, tools and coaching that set you up to be successful in your business. Our goal is to deliver what we promise and much more. 

That's why we gaurantee that our program will show you how to attract more clients when you do the work and implement the system. 

We're so commited to you getting the results you want that if you're not experiencing them, we will make sure that you get extra support from our team. 

If you do the program assignments, attend all of the group coaching calls (or listen to the recordings of meetings you missed), take action and implement what you learn, ask for support and still don't feel we delivered on the promise ... all we ask is that you have a phone conversation with someone on our team within 3 months from the start date of The Conscious Business Accelerator program and we'll promptly make arrangements to return your investment.

Meet Anna 

Conscious Business Coach helping conscious entrepreneurs, mission driven microbusinesses, and changemaking solopreneurs attract customers, leverage your genius, and scale your impact.

I still remember the day I sold my first socially responsible financial planning business. As a broke art major with zero connections, experience, or money, I had built the business from scratch, tripling my net income in two years, grossing six figures by age 25. But I was ... 

I can help you generate more clients in your business!
  • Exhausted working 80 hours per week
  • Scattered in my marketing approach, with no idea which marketing methods worked best
  • Had zero relaxation time, not to mention much of a social or personal life
  • Was in constant catch-up mode, trying to tackle the endless to-do list with no end in sight in sight...
  • Had a bunch of small clients that were eating up lots of time demanding way more than my highest level clients  
  • I looked very successful on the outside, but inside I was empty. Not just physically, but spiritually.  

I was stuck. Stuck in a cycle of self-doubt and scarcity mindset. It felt like I had gone as far as I could with what I knew, and needed guidance, support, and accountability for my life and my business, holistically.  

I deep dove ino personal and professional development. At a national conference, I came across performance business coaches and invested in a coach on the spot.  

In one conversation, my coach understood my whole world, grounded me, and guided me each month in creating inner peace day to day. I started to manage my well-being, began to travel, and discover my sources for happiness--while still performing in my business.  

Then, I went all-in and hired a team of coaches for marketing, sales, life, and spirituality. And that’s when everything changed.  

Now surrounding myself with a community of coaches who listened to me as my greatest version of who I wanted to become. I . . .

  • Transitioned my practice from 200 to 15 clients retaining the same level of passive income
  • Traveled internationally on vacation once a year
  • Worked 35 hours week generating the same level of income
  • Appeared in the media on radio shows, quoted in a national wealth magazine
  • Hired my first employee as a virtual assistant
  • Was awarded "Emerging Leader" by an international foundation for WA state
  • And eventually... I sold my business for double it’s worth!  

Fast forward over a decade later, I have now coached over 500 mission driven leaders, organized over 400+ social impact events, completed over 6,920 hours of coaching and personal growth, training and development, and invested $51,750 in hiring the best business coaches and online business coaching programs. I have become a master in generating clients and beating my revenue goals year over year.  

I've distilled all that experience into a step by step business accelerator system so you don't have to waste your time making the mistakes, failures, and yes--let's face it--unnecessary suffering that I experienced constantly doubting myself with Imposter's Syndrome to be where I am today.  

These are the exact same strategies and best practices that's helped my clients like Chris go from $0/month to averaging over $30K/month in 2 years! 

YOU have the opportunity to quickly and easily focus on revenue generating actions on what I've already tested time and time again that has made my clients successful -- helping you avoid all the pitfalls and mistakes made, so you can not only profit but impact your quadruple bottom line of people, planet, profit, and presence. 

A shift in identity!

I have been struggling for many years with being very inconsistent in organizing by business and my life, which lead to me often feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. 

Anna's insightful coaching helped me realize that I needed to stop trying to understand WHY I was having the problem and just accept that it simply IS -- that this state may be who I truly am. 

This shift in focus helped me realize that I need to stop waiting for organization and structure to magically appear in my life, and that I -- like a majority of the population -- need to consciously work at building structure and systems in my life. 

This was actually a shift in identity for me so drastic that it felt like I had spent years believing I was a black woman and now just discovered I was actually a white woman! 

I have gradually been adding structure to my daily routine, and I am now finding that I am getting more work done consistently and calmly. I am very glad that I met Anna and had the opportunity to work with her in her Client Accelerator program.  

--Kim Pelham, Realtor, The Pelham Group NW

Who is this for? 

Who is this NOT for? 

→ You care about making money AND the quadruple bottom line of people, planet, profit, and presence

→ You don't have a business yet, exploring different offerings, and are still in information gathering mode

→ You are already in business and have something going with at least 1 paying client, have past business experience, or demonstrated some success in their business

→ You are part of a company with a built in sales system and fixed product process that needs approval every time you need to make a marketing decision 

→ You are serious about you business, focused on growing your business to the next level 

→ You aren't ready to accelerate growth in your business immediately 

→ You are coachable as a growing conscious business, mission driven micropreneur, or heart centered solopreneur who takes action from the coaching 

→ Your business is more of a passion project, side hustle, or hobby business that you're satisfied making a little bit of income with no growth

The Program Works

In a random sampling of 10 students, they rated themselves before and after the program. After tabulating the data, here's the results of how the program worked: 

  • 117% increase on how on track you are to reach your revenue goals
  • 115% increase on ability to generate quality leads
  • 81% increase on work life balance
  • 63% increase on systemizing operations 
  • 61% increase on their ability to earn revenue
  • 55% increase on time management & calendar
  • 54% increase on level of focus
  • 52% increase on how confident are you in your business

Achieved clarity and focus!

“Anna is so quick and intuitive about what is realistically achievable for me as an entrepreneur.

She’s been able to pivot complete based on my capacities and priorities and make adjustments in the assignments she gives me to so I can be more successful. 

Sometimes that means getting more granular and specific as opposed to asking me to work on big picture visioning that I think I want to do. 

One of the most helpful things I have found is her ability to see “We really need to focus on this because this is what you’re actually going to be able to do.” Sometimes I can’t see through it, I’ll start obsessing and getting huge picture and Anna’s like “NO, you need to focus on your email campaign right now.” I really appreciate and cannot recommend her highly enough. If you are on the fence about working with Anna, hop on over, it’s better on this side!”  

-Amelia Ross-Gilson, aka "Miss Indigo Blue", Academy of Burlesque

A priceless expierence!

First I must say, Anna’s coaching style is the most organized, honest and positive, I have ever experienced. She comes to her work with a purpose to help her clients discover their best self and leverage that energy to boost revenue for their business! In essence, it’s all you and she helps you believe it. PLUS she gives you great learning tools that guide you to design and execute effective marketing strategies!!  

When I first met Anna, I was lost as a “successful” multi-million dollar business owner and unclear about my desire to even continue making

the business I had worked so hard to build over the last 10 years. 

Her compassionate heart and gift of communication, along with her KICK ASS Energy Dashboard tool helped me shed my past stories and re-engage with the purpose of why I do what I do. And I generated over $45K in contract work during the Accelerator. 

Thank you Anna for reminding me of my confidence, my gifts and igniting my energy to market my soul work! A priceless experience!  

--Melissa Hall Kelii, TGB Architects, http://www.tgbarchitects.com/

Alright, let's go. I'm ready to attract more clients, leverage my genius, and scale my impact. 


How many hours do you recommend it takes to be a part of the program? 

It depends how fast you want to move through. There are weekly 1 hour group coaching calls and 1 hour a week for watching 1-2 videos plus doing the exercises from the videos. The rest of the time is spent implementing what you learn in your business. Block at least 2 hours each week, 3-4 hours is recommended.

What if I can't make a call? 

We record all calls for you to listen to on demand when most convenient. We highly recommend working out your sechedule to attend all of the group training calls. But if you are gone on vacation or have other commitments, simply listen to the recordings!

What is your role and my role? 

I ask you questions that help you discover the source of your blindspots (areas you don't know you don't know) that are stopping you, and together create your next best actions to focus on that will move your business forward. During the bonus Office Hour Q&A Calls or in the FB group, our team will give you direct feedback on your sales page or website, your offering pricing and packaging, etc. so you can implement it right away. 

Your role is to show up fully present on time, do the work, and be coachable (take the coaching even if it might be uncomfortable). Fully participate and engage in the community, be prepared by bringing questions you want support with on the coaching calls. 

Will you be having this kind of program again? 

As of now, this is the only program running in this format. Join our email list here to stay posted of when our next offering will be. In the meantime, visit or at www.annasunchoi.com/blog for other free resources and training. 

This is my time. Time to go from the hustle and grind to hustle and flow.